January 31, 202321

Best Eye Care Tips for you this year

Eye care refers to various practices, treatments, and procedures aimed at preserving the health and function of the eyes. It can involve regular eye exams, preventive measures (e.g. wearing protective eyewear), and the treatment of eye diseases and conditions (e.g. glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration). Maintaining good eye health is essential for maintaining good

October 28, 20220

What happens if we don’t wear spectacles?

Glasses are more common than ever and are now considered a fashion statement. However, some people who require glasses still don’t wear them despite their growing notoriety. If you don’t wear your glasses, it could have major short- and long-term consequences, whatever the reason. Headaches, Eye strain, and Fatigue You could require glasses if you

September 30, 20226

What are the causes of dark circles?

Greater transepidermal water loss in the thin under-eye skin contributes to its increased dryness. As a result, moisturise that area frequently to keep it nice and smooth. Additionally, by enhancing the skin barrier and reducing inflammation, this aids. When outdoors, always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to the area surrounding your eyes. Due to pigmentation

August 30, 20220

What does “brow lamination” mean?

A relatively recent technique called “eyebrow lamination” aims to produce lustrous, flawless brows. The high-shine effects, which are also occasionally referred to as “eyebrow perms,” are frequently desired by people who may have sparse or unruly brows. Needles and colouring are not used, in contrast to microblading. Eyebrow lamination, which is a semi-permanent process, might

May 24, 20220

What are itching eyes, exactly? 

Itchy eyes, commonly known as ocular pruritis, are a frequent affliction. An allergy or a disease known as dry eye syndrome are the most common causes of itchy eyes. You may also have itchy eyelids, commonly at the base of the eyelashes, as well as swollen eyes and/or eyelids. What causes itchiness in the eyes? 

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