February 21, 2023

Lip Scrub- The secret to rosy lips!

A lip scrub is a cosmetic product that is designed to exfoliate the skin on the lips. Here are some of the benefits of using a lip scrub: Smooth, soft lips: The primary benefit of using a lip scrub is that it helps to remove dead skin cells, which can make your lips feel rough

December 25, 20220

How to style hair without using heat?

You might compare maintaining smooth, straight, and healthy-looking hair to completing a challenging arithmetic problem. Straightening your hair with heated styling products dehydrates your hair, which leads to breakage. Even the most precisely groomed hair can become damaged over time by blow dryers, ceramic straighteners, and hot curling irons. You can use certain techniques to

December 24, 20220

New Year Resolution Ideas for 2023

Get thinner. Stop using social media. Eliminate alcohol entirely. Bland, bland, and boring. Don’t get me wrong; these are all worthwhile objectives. But every year, we make the same New Year’s resolutions that we never actually keep. So why not mix things up a little for 2023 and try coming up with resolutions of a

December 14, 20220

The Best Oils for Baby Massage

Baby massages are relaxing and good for them, and you might even find them enjoyable. The appropriate oil can make all the difference when massaging your baby. Massage oils hydrate and safeguard the sensitive, silky skin of your infant. But not all oils are created equal, and not all are healthy for a baby’s skin.

December 14, 20220

5 Strategies to Reduce Period Pain 

  The beginning of the month is seldom convenient or enjoyable.  Aside from changing your restroom habit, there are a few more bothersome period symptoms. Food cravings, sleep issues, bloating, mood swings (typically anger), exhaustion, sensitive breasts, and more are all warning indications that your period is about to start. The majority of these symptoms

December 7, 20220

What is sustainable development?

Sustainability is becoming more and more crucial. Climate change and global warming will be a more urgent issue in 2022. Sustainability benefits both businesses and daily living while safeguarding the environment and ecosystems for the long term. Women own or manage one out of every three enterprises.  Women-owned, managed, established, and designed enterprises are becoming

November 23, 20220

What is a Strobe Cream?

Read on to learn how a strobe cream can be your knight in shining armour if you’re seeking for a quick solution to give your skin a healthy shine. Let’s first discuss what a strobe cream is and how it works before moving on to the advice. A strobe cream is what? Strobing is a

August 30, 20220

What does “brow lamination” mean?

A relatively recent technique called “eyebrow lamination” aims to produce lustrous, flawless brows. The high-shine effects, which are also occasionally referred to as “eyebrow perms,” are frequently desired by people who may have sparse or unruly brows. Needles and colouring are not used, in contrast to microblading. Eyebrow lamination, which is a semi-permanent process, might

July 7, 20220

What Gives Eyes Their Colour?

The amount of the pigment melanin in your iris—the pigmented region of your eyes—determines the colour of your eyes. The darker your eyes are, the more pigment you have. Because blue, grey, and green eyes contain less melanin in the iris, they are lighter. The majority of people on the planet will develop brown eyes. Blue

April 26, 20220

What Is Pearl Powder and How Can It Help Your Skin and Body? 

Today, pearl powder is a popular ingredient in skin care products, but it is not a new one. It’s been utilised in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Wu Zetian, a Chinese empress, is said to have used the powder to make her complexion seem better.  The powder is said to be cleansing

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