What does “brow lamination” mean?

A relatively recent technique called “eyebrow lamination” aims to produce lustrous, flawless brows. The high-shine effects, which are also occasionally referred to as “eyebrow perms,” are frequently desired by people who may have sparse or unruly brows. Needles and colouring are not used, in contrast to microblading.

Eyebrow lamination, which is a semi-permanent process, might be a suitable choice if you want to maintain a specific look for your brows but are sick of using eyebrow gel every day. To retain your results, you will need to repeat the procedure at some point in the future, although doing so carries considerable risk. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about this trend.

Your eyebrow hairs are “permed” during brow lamination to give them a fuller, more even appearance. After washing off whatever makeup you may have worn, it can also aid in keeping things in place.

What’s involved in the process is as follows:

Your doctor will first dab a lotion designed to “raise” up your hairs onto your brows.
Your brow hairs are then gently stroked upward to assist pull them uniformly in the direction of your nose.
The neutralizer will next be used by your provider to assist seal your brows into position.
The final step involves applying a nourishing oil to the hair and skin to help minimise any side effects of the perm chemicals, such as skin irritation and hair dryness.

The entire process of brow lamination takes no more than an hour. Following are examples of optional procedure extensions:

Plucking off extra hairs
Waxing to form the arch you want tinting to adjust or enhance colour
To assist stop your brows from drying out, you should also use a nourishing oil or cream every night.


Hope it helps!