February 21, 2023

How to get rid of Dandruff?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition that is characterized by the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. There are several potential causes of dandruff, including: Malassezia: This is a type of fungus that is commonly found on the scalp, and in some people, it can cause irritation and inflammation, leading to dandruff. Dry

November 22, 20220

What is the use of Lip Butter?

Are your lips severely dry, cracked, and chapped? Then you should add a decent lip butter to your skincare regimen without a doubt! The world of wellness and beauty is ever-evolving, offering us the most recent trends that claim to provide intensive treatment while emulating the classics. A current trend involving organic components is lip

November 17, 20220

Basic steps to take care of beard in winter

Your winter will be lot better if you grow a beard. Your mug rug provides defence against windburn, UV radiation, and arctic conditions. Even your life might be saved by it. The paradox is that while a beard is a comfortable companion in cold and blistering weather, winter is also the hardest season for your

October 11, 20220

How to reduce body odour?

  Have you ever had the thought that you might not smell that great? It occurs. However, there are a few things you may do to eliminate body odour. 1. Maintain Squeaky Cleanness By taking a shower at least once a day, you may wash away sweat and some of the bacteria on your skin.

October 3, 20220

Can sleeping without a pillow help posture?

Your spine should remain in a neutral position when using a pillow. They encourage proper posture by bringing your neck into alignment with the rest of your body. The optimum kind of pillow for posture has therefore been the sole subject of research. No specific research has been done on how sleeping without a pillow

September 30, 20220

What are the causes of dark circles?

Greater transepidermal water loss in the thin under-eye skin contributes to its increased dryness. As a result, moisturise that area frequently to keep it nice and smooth. Additionally, by enhancing the skin barrier and reducing inflammation, this aids. When outdoors, always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to the area surrounding your eyes. Due to pigmentation

September 21, 20220

How to use a pumice stone for beauty?

Pumice stones When lava and water combine, a pumice stone is created. To get rid of dry, dead skin, use this gentle yet abrasive stone. Your calluses and corns can be softerened with a pumice stone to lessen friction-related pain. Although you can use this stone every day, it’s crucial to use it correctly. If you

August 2, 20220

What Time Is the Best to Wake Up?

It’s not impossible to get a good night’s sleep every night and wake up feeling rested every day. Making a sleep regimen that leads to restful nights and energising days is simpler than you would believe. Knowing how much sleep you require and the ideal time to wake up will help you feel more in

July 26, 20220

What are stretch marks and how to get rid of them?

When our skin stretches or contracts rapidly, a specific type of scar called a stretch mark is created. Collagen and elastin, which sustain our skin, tear as a result of the sudden change. Stretch marks could develop while the skin recovers. These fine bands on the skin don’t appear on everyone. Hormone fluctuations appear to

June 29, 20220

What are the benefits of the use of honey during Monsoon?

Since the dawn of time, people have known honey, sometimes known as “liquid gold.” Honey was once regarded as one of the main components in Ayurvedic medicine due to the many health advantages that come with it.  Recently, it has also been suggested in some contemporary drugs. Honey is regarded as a necessary element, particularly

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