What are the causes of dark circles?

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Greater transepidermal water loss in the thin under-eye skin contributes to its increased dryness. As a result, moisturise that area frequently to keep it nice and smooth. Additionally, by enhancing the skin barrier and reducing inflammation, this aids.

When outdoors, always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to the area surrounding your eyes. Due to pigmentation and collagen breakdown brought on by UV exposure, fine lines and wrinkles develop.

Lack of sleep can sometimes cause problems with the skin around the eyes. If so, be sure you obtain more rest and use hyaluronic acid.

Look for eye creams with retinol or other active ingredients. As contrast to facial creams with retinol, they have a lower concentration of retinol and are infused with an emollient basis.

How to treat specific under eye skincare issues and ingredients to use

Puffiness -To assist minimise puffiness, choose items that contain caffeine to help constrict blood vessels. Consider giving yourself a massage as well to enhance blood circulation.

Wrinkles and fine lines–  Early prevention and a strong skincare regimen are the best treatments for this issue. In your under-eye creams, search for smoothening peptides and anti-ageing hero retinol if you already exhibit these indicators of ageing around the eyes.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

One of those undervalued steps that frequently gets overlooked but shouldn’t is moisturising your skin. visualise a grape as our skin. It begins to shrink as the water is lost, and wrinkles may start to show.

But if you add that water back in, it can help the skin look plumper and perhaps even less wrinkled. Our eye area follows the same rules. They may be more prone to dryness because they lack the oil glands that produce the natural moisturiser of human skin.

Is it okay to use your facial moisturiser on the skin around your eyes? is the most frequently asked query regarding moisturising this area of your face. Yes, it is the answer.You’re good as long as it doesn’t sting your eyes and gives off enough moisture.

For fine lines

In addition to moisturising humectants, which are utilised to lessen moisture loss, you should search for substances that instantly “plump up.”

Choose more strong substances that have been associated with Trusted Source boosting collagen formation for this outcome. These consist of:

retinoid (prescription-based)

retinol (over-the-counter options)

vitamin A derivate


For general concerns

Look for antioxidants if you have more widespread worries about the skin around your eyes. These potent substances aid in eliminating the free radicals that smoke, pollution, and UV radiation cause in the skin. They might also aid in slowing down the ageing process.

Watch out for these things:

vitamin C

vitamin E

green tea

vitamin B-3 (niacinamide)