February 27, 20221

The Most Important Life Lessons that you MUST know!

We wish we had learned so many lessons while we were young enough to understand and implement them. The issue about wisdom, and frequently life lessons in general, is that we only learn them after we’ve needed them. The good news is that our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned can help others.  Money will

February 27, 20221

Why to Reduce Belly Fat?

Maintaining a trim waistline benefits you in more ways than one. It can help you live longer. Heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer are all connected to having a larger waistline. Losing weight, particularly abdominal fat, increases blood vessel function and sleep quality. When dieting, it’s impossible to target belly fat particularly. However, lowering weight,

February 26, 20220

Is a Wood Comb Really Beneficial to Your Hair and Scalp? 

  YES! Using a wooden comb offers numerous advantages for your hair, scalp, and the environment. Plastics are out, and wood renewables are in!  We at CharlieCurls are always on the lookout for hair care products that are better for our hair, work to repair or prevent hair damage, and are also better for the

February 24, 20220

Should We Eat Bananas On An Empty Stomach Or Shouldn’t We?

While bananas are a fantastic source of nutrients for a healthy body, it is still debated whether they should be consumed on an empty stomach. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and it should be eaten like a king, with wholesome and nutritious ingredients on the plate. Most of

February 23, 20220

Indrani Hand soap for clean and tidy hands

What wonders can a handwash do?  Contaminated hands can convey a variety of infectious diseases from one person to another.  Infections of the gastrointestinal tract, such as salmonellosis, and infections of the respiratory tract, such as influenza, colds, and coronavirus, are among these disorders (COVID-19).  Hand washing with soap and water can help prevent the

February 22, 20220

Indrani Rose water for your rosy cheeks!

What is rose water, exactly?  Rose water is made by steam distilling rose petals. Rose water has a pleasant scent, and it’s occasionally used as a natural alternative to chemical-laden fragrances.  Thousands of years have passed since rose water was first used, especially during the Middle Ages. It’s considered to have started in modern-day Iran.

February 22, 20220

The best summer drinks for refreshing your soul

One of our favourite parts of summer is sharing a nice summer drink (or cocktail, depending on your preference) on the terrace.  Whatever the case may be, everything is fine. Most people agree that sipping fruity, pleasant beverages in the sun is typically summer– and boy, do We have a lot of drink ideas that

February 18, 20220

Tips from the Experts on Summer Skincare

While a good skin-care routine will benefit you all year, these are the things you should keep in mind as the weather warms up.  Dermatologists spend their summers in the same sun as the rest of us, but their skin remains clear and radiant throughout the season. Sure, it’s part of the job, but even

February 14, 20221

THESE are the ill-effects of pollution on your skin…

Our skin is a reflection of our overall wellness. However, if your skin has suddenly lost its glow despite eating well and using the appropriate products, you should be concerned. Air pollution, which is increasing on a daily basis, has a harmful impact on your skin. Toxic contaminants in both indoor and outdoor air are

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