December 3, 20220

Types of Spa

The term “spa” refers to a broad range of experiences and services that might range from modest facial and massage parlours to lavish resorts. The term “spa” was first used to refer to naturally occurring thermal springs in the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. In this regard, not much has changed since these areas were

November 8, 20220

What is the effect of sleep on your body?

  You are aware that a healthy lifestyle includes sleep, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Lack of the necessary seven to nine hours of sleep every night can lead to a variety of health issues, including greater blood pressure and a higher chance of obesity. But what if your sleep issues just infrequently occur?

October 31, 20220

8 Best Fruits for a Diabetes-Friendly Diet

Look no further than your refrigerator’s produce drawer or the fruit bowl on your kitchen table for a diabetic-friendly treat that can help keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range. Unbelievably, the idea that fruit is dangerous when you need to check your A1C is a common diabetes myth that has been repeatedly

July 6, 20223

Benefits of living the Eco-Friendly Way!

If we desire to maintain planet Earth for future generations, eco-friendly living is crucial. Damage to many different aspects of the ecosystem has gotten significantly worse during the last few decades. In reality, a UN report indicated that the consumption of our planet’s natural resources has tripled over the past forty years! The fact that

May 17, 20220

How to Avoid Tanning When Doing a Lot of Outdoor Activities?

Your skin will darken as a result of melanin pigmentation if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Some people enjoy getting a tan when out and about, while others attempt to avoid it as much as possible. While sun exposure and its ultraviolet (UV) radiation can induce tanning and sunburn, there are

May 3, 20220

Best Summer Drinks | Ft. Sabja Seeds

Yummy, cooling, moisturising, and reviving To beat the summer heat, make classic Nimbu pani or lemonade with two ingredients inspired by Ayurveda.  Here’s a summer drink recipe that uses basil seeds and Gond katira to naturally enhance your immunity and add other health benefits to normal lemonade. This tasty basil seeds lemonade will keep you

February 27, 20220

Why to Reduce Belly Fat?

Maintaining a trim waistline benefits you in more ways than one. It can help you live longer. Heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer are all connected to having a larger waistline. Losing weight, particularly abdominal fat, increases blood vessel function and sleep quality. When dieting, it’s impossible to target belly fat particularly. However, lowering weight,

September 6, 20210

What Happens When You Use Earphones A Lot?

Using headphones for lengthy periods of time can result in these nerve-wracking issues. If you love earbuds, you should take a vacation from them now and then because wearing them for too long might be harmful to your ears. We use headphones almost all of the time, whether for a zoom meeting, listening to music,

June 7, 20210

Is Milk Bad For You? Here Is What Science Says about it.

  Biologically, cow’s milk is meant to feed a rapidly growing calf. Humans aren’t calves — and adults usually don’t need to grow. Before the agricultural revolution, humans only drank mother’s milk as infants. They didn’t consume dairy as adults. The main carbohydrate in dairy is lactose, a milk sugar composed of two simple sugars

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