Is a Wood Comb Really Beneficial to Your Hair and Scalp? 


YES! Using a wooden comb offers numerous advantages for your hair, scalp, and the environment. Plastics are out, and wood renewables are in! 

We at CharlieCurls are always on the lookout for hair care products that are better for our hair, work to repair or prevent hair damage, and are also better for the environment. 

Switching to a wooden comb and avoiding harsh detergents and chemicals on your hair, as well as foregoing the heat to style, is a simple method to start healing hair organically.

We loved switching to a wood comb and gained a lot of knowledge from interacting with holistic hair stylists and digging deeper into the study. Using a wooden comb to detangle wet hair after a shower and comb hair before using a CharlieCurl to generate curls and style our hair has become an important part of our hair care routine. 

Here’s how fundamental science explains why wood combs are superior and beneficial to your hair: 

Because plastic and metal combs and brushes have a positive electrical charge while hair has a negative electrical charge, hair is drawn to the comb, generating static and/or frizz.

Hair Care That Is Gentle 

Wooden combs, like your hair, skin, and scalp, are made of carbon. A wooden comb helps your hair lay down and gives it a smooth and glossy look since both hair and wood have a negative electrical charge. Furthermore, because wood is a natural substance, it is unlikely to trigger allergies or skin issues that are aggravated by plastic and metal combs. 

Negative Ions Can Actually Be Beneficial! 

Wood has a negative electrical charge that corresponds to the hairs on your head, so it lays down the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, making it look and feel smoother while locking in moisture! The excess flyaways are smoothed out as a result of this.

Hair is naturally nourished. 

Because natural oils from the scalp do not attach to the metal or plastic of a typical comb, they are more easily distributed throughout the entire hair strand with a wooden comb. It gives your hair the sheen and bounce of well-moisturized hair, making it look less greasy and healthier.

Encourages the growth of hair 

We comb with a wooden comb for extended periods of time because it feels so pleasant. The massaging action causes the follicles to produce more hair strands, resulting in increased hair growth and thicker hair. 

Prevents Breakage and Tangles 

Metal and plastic combs tangle hair at the end of the stroke, whereas a wooden comb does not. Detangling is easy with a wooden comb that glides gently over the scalp and through the hair, preventing breakage and split ends. You’re also placed there since you should never brush damp hair, only comb it.