Methods to get your mind, body, and soul ready for the upcoming summer season

Top recommendations for waking up from your winter hibernation and transitioning into summer. 

Prepare for Summer: Ways to Prepare Your Mind, Body, and Soul – advice on how to emerge from hibernation and welcome summer. 

A Mantra, Number One 

The first and only rule of having a “beach body” is to have one. Let’s make this our guiding principle. Being beautiful is all about how we feel about ourselves, and we don’t have to conform to ridiculous standards to do it.

Begin to Relax. 

The days are getting longer, happier, and a little more laid-back. This laziness can be beneficial, and we can indulge in it at various times during the day. The mind can stop running, quiet down, and focus if there is a sensation of tranquilly, balanced control, and calmness. Take a deep breath if you’re feeling overwhelmed (it may sound clichéd, but it’s proved to work!). 

Maintain Your Workout Routine 

When it comes to summer body preparation, there are two options. One thing you can do is stick to your fitness plan all year long. The alternative option is to start with this routine and then add something new to offer some diversity.

Something Different 

We feel more inspired, creative, and bold when the weather is nice. When you start a new activity or challenge, it’s a good idea to keep track of your progress so you can stay motivated as you get closer to your objectives. This is a terrific way to keep motivated and focused, whether it’s setting a new personal best in running or surprise ourselves by overcoming our concerns and trying a new sport (like an Aerial Fusion, inversion-therapy Yoga swing!).

Summertime Glamour 

During the summer, skin and hair are subjected to a great deal of abuse, with sun exposure and salt water damage causing them to dry out and become coarse. Indulge in your own DIY hair and skin spa, and have fun making beautiful products with natural ingredients from your pantry. (link to beauty ebook or article on summer beauty treatments) 

Summer Diet 

Our desire to stay hydrated naturally increases on hotter days. Drinking plenty of water is crucial, so make hydration more enjoyable by making flavor-infused water at home (link to flavoured water article). There are several foods that have a high water content that we may readily incorporate into our diet.


Hope you follow these guidelines for  happy summer ahead!