A Soothing Spa Session- A need of the hour

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Vacations have traditionally been about unwinding, but more and more people are escaping the grind to ‘actively’ de-stress.

Hotel and resort operators have reacted quickly, offering tailored wellness treatments, which are frequently packaged as day spa packages.

The ideal day spa experience is one that caters to a person’s specific needs. Everyone is unique, and the stresses we face are also a result of our individual daily routines.

Importantly, a good day spa experience should not solely focus on the physical issues that we bring with us on vacation. It should help with any mental – and, dare we say, spiritual – niggles that may be interfering with our capacity to relax and de-stress during our vacation.    

A good day spa treatment professional will propose the ideal wellness plan for you based on your degree of fitness, life stage, gender, type of employment, and any pre-existing health concerns. 

Before you start treatment, think about whether you’re allergic to anything, if you have any physical aches and pains, how stiff your muscles and joints are, and how much pain you can tolerate (some massage techniques are designed to reach deep into the tissue of your muscles, meaning the masseuse will apply greater pressure).  

Before starting your treatment, your treatment professional should ask you these questions.

If they don’t, you’re probably in the wrong location!  Because the spa and wellness industry is a global phenomenon, treatment options will differ from location to location.

The principles of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit as part of a therapy, such as heat, pressure, oil, herbals, and ambiance, do not, however, change.

We wish you a happy relaxation!

Take care!