Skincare mistakes to avoid this Summer

Summer is a season when we need to be extra cautious about our skincare routine. With the heat and humidity, our skin is prone to a variety of issues like sunburn, acne, and excess oil production. However, even with the best of intentions, we sometimes end up making skincare mistakes that can harm our skin.

February 24, 20230

Moisturizing ingredients for skin from the kitchen

When it comes to keeping your skin moisturized and healthy, you don’t necessarily need to turn to expensive skincare products. In fact, some of the best moisturizing ingredients for your skin can be found in your kitchen! From avocado to honey, there are plenty of natural ingredients that can help nourish and hydrate your skin.

October 27, 20220

How to manage anger in the best possible way?

  Anger is a normal emotion that can be helpful in solving challenges or problems, whether they arise at work or at home.  However, if anger results in hostility, outbursts, or even violent altercations, it can become a problem. Controlling your anger is crucial for preventing you from saying or doing something you could later regret.

October 7, 20223,029

How to bring an instant glow to our skin?

Although having good, healthy skin is a blessing, glowing skin isn’t something that just happens. It occurs when you maintain a healthy diet, get enough water throughout the day, exercise frequently, and use skincare products that are appropriate for your skin type. But what if you want beautiful skin right away and want to attempt

September 6, 20221

How frequently do we need to Shampoo?

Perhaps you’ve heard that shampooing your hair less frequently is better for it. Or maybe you’re considering giving up shampoo and being a part of the “no poo” movement in order to have healthier, more attractive hair. According to experts, there is no one best frequency for shampooing. It might not be necessary as frequently

July 22, 20222

What Exactly Is “Skin Brightening”?

We are all familiar with the “buzzwords” used in skincare advertisements, labels, and reviews. Consider the words moisturising, boosting, or shining. We all understand that applying a “brightening” night cream won’t cause your face to glow like a baby’s nightlight, but do we truly understand what it means to brighten our skin? You’re definitely not

March 18, 20220

Why should we dress in cotton in the summer? 

Cotton plant belongs to the mallow/hibiscus (Malvaceae plant) family and has roughly 40 different species, but only four have been farmed for fibre. Cotton agriculture stretches back more than 3,000 years in the Indus River Valley region, however cotton fabric was thought to have been discovered in Mexico some 7,000 years ago. However, no evidence

October 15, 20211

How to Oil Your Hair Like a Pro!

According to Ayurveda, oiling your hair incorrectly can cause more harm than benefit. To accelerate hair development and improve the quality of your hair, you should oil it properly. The following are some of the other advantages of applying an Ayurvedic oil to your scalp and hair, in addition to keeping a good dosha balance:

August 27, 20210

How Does Camphor Benefit Your Skin?

Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) is an organic chemical found in creams, ointments, and lotions. Camphor oil is a steam-distilled oil that is derived from the wood of camphor trees. It can be applied topically to treat pain, itch, and irritation. Camphor is also used to treat inflammatory disorders and chest congestion.           

August 13, 20210

A Soothing Spa Session- A need of the hour

Vacations have traditionally been about unwinding, but more and more people are escaping the grind to ‘actively’ de-stress. Hotel and resort operators have reacted quickly, offering tailored wellness treatments, which are frequently packaged as day spa packages. The ideal day spa experience is one that caters to a person’s specific needs. Everyone is unique, and

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