Why should we dress in cotton in the summer? 

Cotton plant belongs to the mallow/hibiscus (Malvaceae plant) family and has roughly 40 different species, but only four have been farmed for fibre. Cotton agriculture stretches back more than 3,000 years in the Indus River Valley region, however cotton fabric was thought to have been discovered in Mexico some 7,000 years ago. However, no evidence of cotton plant cultivation has been identified. Cotton grown for commercial purposes resembles a shrub, and four types are commercially popular, although cotton in the natural grows like a perennial tree.When the weather gets hot in the summer, we’d rather hide behind a cotton fabric that breathes. Cotton materials are wonderful for cooling down in the hot summer months, but they can also be used to create a full ensemble that is elegant and comfortable for other seasons.

In the summer session, we sweat a lot more. Cotton is a strong water absorber that aids in the absorption of perspiration and the introduction of it to the evaporation environment. As sweat escapes from our bodies, our bodies lose heat. As a result, our body loses heat and cools. 

Cotton clothing promote better air circulation, which leads to increased sweat absorption and a cooling effect. Cotton promotes better air circulation, which aids in the absorption and expulsion of perspiration-induced moisture. 

Cotton also protects us from fungus and other hazardous germs. Cotton is beneficial to persons who have sensitive skin since it reduces the severity of allergic reactions.

Cotton has been the major clothing fibre of the human race since it is the most breathable clothing material that keeps you cool and comfortable. The cotton industry has risen to prominence as a major determinant of global prosperity and economic stability. The most popular consumer choice in the modern era has been “100% cotton.” It is a trendy wear in fact, thanks to the permanent shiny finishing imparted to the cotton fabric and the wash and wear function.

Hope this helps!