What is the difference between Hair Colour and Hair Dye?

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The most common question- Which is better, hair colour or hair dye?

While hair colour merely paints the hair from the outside, hair dye penetrates the surface of the hair. As a result, hair colour effects require frequent touch-ups. Which is therefore better for daily use? The dermatology department of Fortis Hospital in Noida’s senior consultant, Dr. AL Das, aids us in understanding this challenging subject.

Finding the true distinctions between hair colour and hair dye: A hair colour has a longer shelf life and is more permanent. The word “dye” implies that the compounds are more numerous and more potent. More permanent than hair colour is a hair dye. Strong chemical mixes are used to create hair dye, which can have a harsher and more negative.

Contrarily, hair colour is typically subtle and tends to disappear after a few washes. It frequently only acts as a covering on the hair’s surface; it doesn’t penetrate the hair’s roots. The idea of dipping fabric in dye is also associated with the word dye. However, marketing teams substitute the phrases “hair colour” for “hair dye” to avoid conjuring up this visual. Hair colours merely serve as a surface coating, while hair dyes influence the hair’s roots.

Taking care of your hair is essential, whether you use hair dye or hair colour: Your hair is the first thing people notice about you, therefore you need to take care of it. It plays a significant role in your behaviour and self-perception. Like any other body component, the hair needs to be taken care of and nurtured. How to take care of it is as follows:
To make your processed hair stay longer and keep it healthy, use a decent shampoo.
Sulfates, a component, should never be applied to coloured hair.
Only use clarifying shampoos before colouring on color-treated hair.
Your hair has to be adequately oiled at least three to four times per month.

Hope it helps!