How to use a pumice stone for beauty?

Pumice stones
When lava and water combine, a pumice stone is created. To get rid of dry, dead skin, use this gentle yet abrasive stone. Your calluses and corns can be softerened with a pumice stone to lessen friction-related pain.

Although you can use this stone every day, it’s crucial to use it correctly. If you don’t take caution, you can remove too much skin, haemorrhage, or put yourself at danger for infection.

Local grocery stores and beauty supply shops both sell pumice stones. A pumice stone with two sides is sold at some shops. These stones feature an abrasive surface for skin that is tougher and a gentler side for buffing or more delicate places.

You’ll also need a sizable bowl or basin of warm, soapy water to safely exfoliate your skin. This is crucial for exfoliating your hands or feet. Consider using this pumice stone while taking a shower if you want to use it on your elbows, face, or neck.

Other accessories you need include:

  • soft towel
  • moisturizer (cream, lotion, or oil)
  • moisturizing socks (optional)
  • bristled brush to clean the pumice stone