What customers are looking forward to this Diwali!

It’s that time of year again when marketers craft happy, light-filled stories to warm the cockles of our socially disconnected hearts and open our wallets for a last-minute holiday shopping binge.

Due to depressed consumer attitudes and post-pandemic limits, marketers will have to work harder and smarter for Diwali 2021.    

Traditionally, the week preceding up to Diwali sees a surge in consumer expenditure. People’s wallets are tighter in the first post-Covid festival season, but they aren’t compromising on traditions and rituals. So, it appears that the ‘new normal’ wali Diwali is very similar to the old one.

On the other hand!

Several firms have postponed product introductions in order to capitalize on the holiday season’s increased visibility and sales. As a result, shopping aisles will be clogged with new product launches accompanied by loud marketing efforts. At the same time, customer journeys have gotten more complex and non-linear, with technology playing a larger part throughout the process. As a result, in order to be successful this holiday season, marketers will need to rethink their media tactics.   

Consumer mood is still optimistic, with 50% of people expecting to spend more during the holidays this year. 

Consumers are still undecided about what they want to buy: Currently, 62% of consumers are uncertain on which product or brand to buy. 

Throughout the trip, digital channels will be critical: 80% of consumer journeys will be influenced by digital, and 77 percent of endemic journeys will include amazon. 

Multiple touchpoints should be used by brands: To drive active/passive discovery, utilize connected TV, video, and search advertising, among other touchpoints, and use ‘efficiency’ related metrics to analyze performance holistically. 

Apparel and accessories were voted the most popular purchasing category by both men and women. Men are interested in consumer electronics, groceries, health and personal care, consumer durables, make-up, and fragrances this holiday season, while women are interested in groceries, health and personal care, consumer durables, and make-up and fragrances. 

According to the poll, 82 percent of respondents shopped online at least once a month in the previous six months, and nearly one-quarter made purchases online multiple times a week or more frequently.

To reach their target audience, marketers are going beyond search and social media and using omnichannel strategies on the open internet.

The Festive Season Pulse 2021 confirms that the open internet is a powerful bridge for reaching new customers and that the upcoming festive season is an ideal moment for marketers to pique consumer interest and evaluate the open internet’s efficacy.