September 27, 20220

Importance of Navratri in different parts of India

Beginning Thursday, Hindus around the world will celebrate the nine-day holy festival of Navratri. According to Hindu custom, Navratri is observed four times a year, however only Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri are widely observed. While Shardiya Navaratri is often observed at the beginning of the autumn season, Chaitra Navaratri falls during the spring season. The

October 18, 20210

What customers are looking forward to this Diwali!

It’s that time of year again when marketers craft happy, light-filled stories to warm the cockles of our socially disconnected hearts and open our wallets for a last-minute holiday shopping binge. Due to depressed consumer attitudes and post-pandemic limits, marketers will have to work harder and smarter for Diwali 2021.     Traditionally, the week

October 12, 20210

Unusual and unique traditions during Navratri

Because Navaratri is a pan-India celebration, the rituals and practices vary according to the culture, tradition, and population of the region. As a result, rituals practiced in one region are not practiced in another. Some unusual Navaratri ceremonies are listed here. Worshipping weapons: Ma Parvathi is the Goddess of Power and Courage and is one

September 30, 20210

Women were, are and will always be saviours of the world! 

It’s time to show off your bright ghaghras and cholis, as well as your dandiya and Garba talents, intricate henna tattoos, and serious dance routines. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about the nine-day holiday known as “Navratri.”  It is India’s longest-running celebration, dedicated to Goddess Durga, who defeated Mahishasuran in a battle.  It’s that

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