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The term “spa” refers to a broad range of experiences and services that might range from modest facial and massage parlours to lavish resorts. The term “spa” was first used to refer to naturally occurring thermal springs in the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. In this regard, not much has changed since these areas were thought to be beneficial to health and welfare. Spas are still luxurious havens; the only difference is that they now fit into a variety of different categories due to their altered structure and form.

Spa days 

Although this is the spa in its most basic version, it is nonetheless very luxurious. They commonly offer facials, massages, and other treatments. They also frequently provide salon services including waxing, manicures, and pedicures. City centres and residential neighbourhoods are home to day spas, which provide local clients quick yet effective treatments and follow-up consultations. You will typically be in and out in between 30 minutes and two or three hours.

Resort spas 

As the name implies, there are numerous upscale hotels that provide spa facilities. Treatment menus at higher-end day spas that provide services to both hotel guests and typically the general public can be pretty comparable. More amenities may be provided than at a typical day spa, including pools and thermal suites that can be accessed either directly through the spa or through the hotel’s recreation area. It is becoming more and more frequent to find spa hotels as opposed to hotel spas, with the former emphasising the spa while the latter is a spa associated with an existing hotel.

Vacation spas 

When compared to hotel spas, destination spas offer lodging inside the spa itself rather than in a nearby hotel. This gives guests a well-rounded spa experience by allowing the tranquil, relaxing ambiance to permeate all areas—rooms, food, and activities. Visitors who come for relaxation or health benefits are frequently spotted wandering the grounds in robes and slippers. In addition to spa services, many destination spas also offer yoga, pilates, and meditation.

Health spas 

Instead of offering standard spa services, medical spas, or Medi-Spas, offer cosmetic procedures. Depending on the type of operations provided, Medical Spas should be managed or at the very least overseen by a licenced medical professional. Some cosmetic procedures go as far as to offer botox and collagen injections, along with other minimally invasive procedures, after beginning with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and similar procedures. Compared to other spa kinds, medical spas are less frequent in Ireland, but their popularity is constantly rising.

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