The best way to start 2023

New Year’s Day is all about making resolutions, starting over, and improving ourselves. The tiny things are often overlooked, despite the impression that only big, risky, or life-changing commitments are worthwhile pursuing. I’m going to share some of those simple habits with you today since they can have a major impact on your daily life. They have undoubtedly made a good impression on me, and I wish they could have the same effect on you. Here are 7 healthy practises to help you start the new year off correctly, without further ado.


For good reason, this is first on my list. A lack of sleep causes all other functions to begin to malfunction, and a string of restless nights will eventually catch up with you. Set a bedtime at the beginning of the year and make it a priority above all else as often as you can. All other aspects of your day will benefit from it, and before long, you won’t have to give up sleep for anything! I make it a point to get at least 7 hours a night, even while I’m travelling.


My own experience shows that among all the tasks on my list, staying hydrated often gets overlooked. Try marking specific times during the day with a glass of water to ensure you’re getting at least the minimum amount of water your body requires. For instance, if you drink a glass of water straight away after waking up, one more before each meal, and one more before night, that’s a total of 8 glasses! Simple, right?


Sticking to a skincare programme will help you now and in the future, however it could require a little more work for men in particular. The appropriate products may leave your skin shining and free of dirt, debris, and sweat from the day, as well as help your skin age more gracefully over time. It’s not just a terrific way to start each morning or night feeling refreshed.


Most of the time, our work and occupations come before a lot of other things in our lives (including our sleep, as mentioned above). Work commitments should always be discussed, as the capacity to work hard is undoubtedly a highly valued trait.


Even if getting out of bed is challenging, you can start each day off right with a few easy morning rituals, in my opinion, even if you just aren’t “a morning person.” Everyone will have a different preference, so figure out what makes you smile in the morning and do that every day. Do something to brighten up your morning and set the tone for your day, whether it’s listening to a positive podcast, working out, or simply going for a walk with your best friend.