Things Successful People Do Before Bed

To help you achieve a better night’s sleep and a productive day the next day, we looked at the bedtimes and before-bed habits of successful people. 

Have you been having trouble at work lately? Your sleep, or lack thereof, may have a greater impact than you realise. We asked successful folks like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey what they do before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep and have a productive day the next day.

Before You Go To Bed, Try These Activities 

It’s critical to save the last 30 to 60 minutes before night for transitioning activities and assisting sleep. 


It can be difficult to put aside work or pleasure in order to get enough sleep in our hectic life. It is, however, critically vital. By avoiding sleep deprivation, we feel and function better, and our general health improves. 

What are the greatest ways to unwind before bedtime? Personal preferences and strengths play a big role in this. Choose something that relaxes you. It is not the time to pay bills, argue with your spouse, or do anything else that is stressful. Instead, do something that relaxes you, and here are some suggestions.


Before going to bed, many individuals read. This should ideally not happen in bed, since it may contribute to insomnia. 

Many people, on the other hand, get away with it without repercussions. Magazines are a good option because they provide brief pieces that may be set aside when you feel sleepy. Reading books for pleasure rather than work-related materials is great. It’s probably time to turn off the lights and go to bed if you find yourself reading the same line over and again because it’s not sinking in. 

Meditation or Prayer 

The mind can be calmed by repeating rote prayers or meditative mantras. 

These can be tailored to your religious beliefs. Some people relax by using guided visualisation. Additional recommendations can be found in books and on the internet.


Listening to music before night can be really soothing. 

The type you choose should reflect your unique preferences, but many individuals find classical music to be pleasant and calming. There are also a variety of nature sound CDs and applications to choose from. 

Taking a Shower or a Bath 

A warm bath or shower before bedtime has been shown to help people sleep better. 

It can be a part of a healthy sleep routine for kids. Bathing in the evening can affect body temperature, which can have a significant impact on sleep. 


Finally, before going to bed, do some low-impact exercises like stretching or yoga. 

It shouldn’t be too strenuous. You’re probably doing too much if you’re sweating.

Hope it helps!