How to be an attractive personality?

When attempting to be physically appealing, both women and men frequently focus solely on their appearance. They worry that if they don’t have a young complexion and an hourglass figure (women), or chiselled abs and a tall, muscular frame (men), they won’t get a date (men). They also believe that physical attractiveness is an objective and stable characteristic (that cannot be altered with surgery, push-up bras, or many hours in the gym). 

Is it true, though, that possible dating partners are that superficial? 

They aren’t, which is good news. You don’t have to be obsessed with perfect physical characteristics. There’s no need to be discouraged if you’re a shorter man or a heavier woman. The “beautiful” and “attractive” should also pay attention.

Physical attraction is in part subjective. “It’s all in the eye of the beholder,” as they say. Furthermore, your personality can easily impact that subjective eye of physical attraction. It turns out that “who you are on the inside” matters. It even alters how others perceive you from the outside! 

Here’s how to use this impact to your advantage: 

Develop a positive attitude. Take a self-assessment of who you are as a person (not just in the mirror). On the inside, are you “pretty/handsome” or “ugly”? Perhaps a personality makeover is more important than losing the 20 pounds or 2 inches you’re worried about.

Honesty, hard work, respect for others, and showcasing your positive qualities are also important. 

Take it easy. Physical characteristics continue to dominate first impressions. Others must get to know you before they can judge you based on your personality features. As a result, let a potential partner to get to know you first and exhibit your personality in a “low-pressure” manner. Engage in light conversation, flaunt your characteristics, and allow your physical beauty to blossom. Then try to ramp up the romance by flirting like you mean it, hinting at a drink, snuggling up to them, or asking for a date. It will improve your chances of succeeding.

Keep an optimistic attitude in mind. Using “personality influence” is a long-term strategy. It has to be kept up throughout time. Your physical appearance will be seen as “unattractive” if your personality becomes “unattractive.” As a result, maintain a cheerful attitude. Even if you’re already attractive on the exterior, this is true! 


Beauty appears to be more than “surface deep.” It is also important to consider your personality. Take advantage of the situation!