Best Summer Drinks | Ft. Sabja Seeds

Yummy, cooling, moisturising, and reviving To beat the summer heat, make classic Nimbu pani or lemonade with two ingredients inspired by Ayurveda. 

Here’s a summer drink recipe that uses basil seeds and Gond katira to naturally enhance your immunity and add other health benefits to normal lemonade. This tasty basil seeds lemonade will keep you cool this summer. 

We will go through the health advantages of some of the essential ingredients so you may use them in other meals. 

We can’t imagine summer without a cool glass of Nimbu pani and Sherbet! Changing the name to lemonade or Rose cooler may appear more posh, but whatever floats your boat is OK.

On a hot summer day, nimbu pani, fresh lime cooler, or lemonade are still two of the most popular Indian welcome beverages. Our mothers usually include these incredibly healthy Ayurvedic components in our meals to help improve immunity and provide a natural cooling impact on our bodies. 

All of these ingredients contribute to the health benefits of these refreshing summer drinks. 

Sweet Basil Lemonade Ingredients 

Lemonade is made with three basic ingredients: lime or lemons, sugar, and water. 

To improve immunity and provide a slew of other health advantages This Indian sweet basil lemonade, or sabja, has been fortified with basil seeds. In Hindi, basil seeds are called as sabja.

Notes and suggestions for the recipe 

Make sure the sabji seeds are free of tiny stones and debris. 

Allow for blooming time before using in a recipe. 

It takes time for gond katira, also known as tragacanth gum, to soak and fully bloom. It is preferable to soak it overnight in the refrigerator so that you can use it whenever you wish. Gond katira can be kept in the fridge for up to two days after being soaked. 

You can use ice cubes, cooled water, or ordinary water; any option is good.