What is a Strobe Cream?

Read on to learn how a strobe cream can be your knight in shining armour if you’re seeking for a quick solution to give your skin a healthy shine.

Let’s first discuss what a strobe cream is and how it works before moving on to the advice.

A strobe cream is what?

Strobing is a common cosmetics trend since it may produce a natural and attractive appearance. The light-reflecting ingredients in strobing creams usually reflect light, giving the skin a luminous appearance. It can draw attention to certain features on the face, including the cheekbones or the bridge of the nose.

Expert Advice for Using a Strobe Cream

Combine with your foundation

You can use it on its own or along with foundation. Apply this combination next, just as you would foundation. Better coverage and a luminous finish will result, giving your skin a brighter, more awake appearance. Avoid going overboard since it will make your skin appear oily. Find the ideal balance for your skin type by starting small and working your way up.

Apply a Layer Below Your Blush

You may add the extra burst of colour you want and a natural shine by using a strobing cream below your blush. After using your preferred Lotus Makeup Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth blush, apply your strobing cream as usual. Your cheekbones will get a dewy, blushy look from it. How much more youthful and luminous your complexion will appear will amaze you.

Use on your eyes’ inner corners

Since the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive part of your face, it is more likely to display signs of stress, dehydration, and lack of sleep. You may rapidly brighten the area and appear more awake by dabbing a tiny bit of strobe cream on the inner corner of your eyes. When you are worn out or need a little boost, it is the ideal pick-me-up!

For Daily Glow, combine it with a moisturiser.

The days when you desire a no-makeup look or are pressed for time are the best ones for this application. For an additional radiance, use your strobe cream with your moisturiser. You’ll have a dewy appearance thanks to the moisturiser’s additional moisture. Additionally, it will make the application smooth and simple.

Hope it helps!