Add That Lemon Cleanser To Your Beauty Regime Now!

Indrani Cosmetics Lemon Cleansing Milk contains lemon oil that easily cleanses make-up and dirt from the skin. It hydrates and nourishes the skin. Besides cleansing with lemon derived antioxidants

Indrani Cosmetics Lemon cleansing milk also refreshes and softens your skin leaving a radiant surface.

 • Soft texture cleansing milk

 • Removes make-up and impurities

 • Refreshes and softens your skin

 • For normal, combination, and dehydrated skin types.   

Lemon’s astringent property lifts pollutants and detoxifies the skin thoroughly, working as a natural cleanser.   Cleansing milk should be used in the morning and evening. 

You can use cleansing milk in the morning and evening because it is gentle enough. Cleansing milk can be used in place of your normal face wash.

Cleansing milk can be used at night to help remove light makeup.  

  These creamy, milky compositions must be thoroughly removed at all times. So, after you’ve finished rubbing your cleanser into your skin, make sure to rinse with warm water. Water alone, however, does not guarantee that all traces of debris, makeup, oil, or cleaner residue have been removed from your skin.      

Both cleansing milk and a face wash will remove make-up, toxins, debris, sweat, oil, impurities, and pollutants from the skin. In this regard, both perform admirably and are significantly preferable to simply using water for cleaning. Effective skin cleansing is critical for radiant, healthy skin.    Overall, your skincare regimen is entirely up to you!

Cleansing milk could be the answer to your dry skin’s prayers for a fresh face cleanser. If you have oily skin, you should certainly avoid this, but if you’re still intrigued or have combination skin, a test run won’t hurt.