October 31, 20211

What is the best way to apply my skincare products?

  Is it important to apply my skincare products in a specific order? It turns out that it does!  Any Skin Care Routine’s Basics  Aside from the order in which you apply your products, some experts believe it’s also crucial to think about how long it takes your skin to absorb them. However, most of

October 28, 20210

Factors Affecting Your Hair And Its Volume

  Everyone wants a thick, full head of hair, which is frequently associated with good looks and health. However, a variety of internal and external factors might have an impact on hair health. You must be aware of the factors that can cause your hair to fall out and take the necessary steps to retain

October 26, 20211

The latest beauty trends | Beauty trends that will come in 2022

Beauty, like most things, has been in a strange position in recent months. Our homes served as our workplace, daycare, and beauty salon in the early days of the pandemic. During what we thought would be only a few weeks of lockdown, searches for at-home manicures, root touch-ups, and DIY spa days skyrocketed. Some of

October 25, 20211

The best Diwali Skincare routine

Diwali week has arrived, and as a lady, you would want to look radiant and lovely. Here are some natural skin-glow ideas to get you started. Diwali week has arrived, and as a lady, you would want to look radiant and lovely. Who doesn’t want their skin to look attractive and glowing? You see all

October 23, 20210

Camphor and its magic- Our Camphor Lotion

Camphor used to be manufactured by distilling the camphor tree’s bark and wood. Camphor is now most commonly made from turpentine oil. Vicks VapoRub, for example, contains it. Camphor is applied to the skin to ease pain and irritation. It’s also placed to the neck and chest skin so that it can be breathed in

October 22, 20210

Significance of Diwali in India

Diwali, sometimes called Deepawali, is a Hindu festival of lights observed by Indians all over the world. Deepavali, which literally translates to “a row of lights,” is one of the most important Hindu holidays, lasting five days. Diwali is noteworthy not only because of its widespread popularity and spectacular fireworks displays, but also because it

October 19, 20210

Best Outfit Ideas For Diwali 2021

So, as we all know, Diwali is all about the nooks and crannies… At this time, we’re all looking for Diwali Outfit Ideas that would make us appear amazing without having to do anything. Finally, here are some Diwali Outfit ideas to help you light a fire with your style while also making Diwali shopping

October 18, 20210

What customers are looking forward to this Diwali!

It’s that time of year again when marketers craft happy, light-filled stories to warm the cockles of our socially disconnected hearts and open our wallets for a last-minute holiday shopping binge. Due to depressed consumer attitudes and post-pandemic limits, marketers will have to work harder and smarter for Diwali 2021.     Traditionally, the week

October 18, 20210

How to maintain a balance between work and health? 

  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a variety of troubles in people’s lives; some have experienced physical health issues, while others have been overwhelmed by mental health issues.  More than half of India’s employed professionals, according to a recent LinkedIn research, are anxious at work. According to the report, this is a problem that affects

October 15, 20211

How to Oil Your Hair Like a Pro!

According to Ayurveda, oiling your hair incorrectly can cause more harm than benefit. To accelerate hair development and improve the quality of your hair, you should oil it properly. The following are some of the other advantages of applying an Ayurvedic oil to your scalp and hair, in addition to keeping a good dosha balance:

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