Night Makeup Looks

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In terms of depth and colour, evening makeup differs from daytime makeup. While too many dark colours might be oppressive during the day, these darker hues are ideal for the evening.

The smoky eye look, as seen above, is particularly popular for nighttime makeup, but you have a lot of different possibilities.
Only the palest lip colour defines the mouth, making the eyes the focal point.

This cat eye makeup style is bold and dramatic, and it’s ideal for after-five. The eyelids are contoured with deep neutral tones that don’t conflict with the thick black eyeliner.
These eyes stand out thanks to the light pink on the cheekbones and lips.

A deep and seductive look is created with a mix of charcoal and silver eye shadow, and a glossy peach lip colour highlights the lips. In the daylight, too much gloss can seem out of place, but it’s ideal for making your lips shimmer in the evening. Even with a thick coat of mascara or artificial lashes, these eyes are stunning, but it’s the lips that steal the show.

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