Tips For Travelling In The Rainy Season

The monsoon season has arrived, bringing with it torrential rains, thunderous clouds, and flashes of lightning. While this is a period of heavy rain, it is also a period of travel. But, surprise, surprise! It’s possible that the path will be treacherous. During the monsoon season, the journey can be unpredictable. But don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful hints and safety precautions to get you through this storm.     

More synthetic clothing should be packed. 

If you travel during the rainy season, you will almost certainly be caught in the rain. Clothes tend to stay damp, and damp clothes begin to smell when packed. As a result, it’s best to bring more synthetic clothing because they dry faster and leave you with less hassle.     

Medicines and insect repellents should be carried. 

Mosquitoes and other insects breed in puddles, making them ideal breeding grounds. Diseases spread through the air and water, thanks to the abundance of insects and mosquitoes. It’s best to have repellents on hand to keep these disease carriers at bay, as well as medicines in case you get sick. 

  Avoid eating on the street. 

While street food appears to be tempting and appetizing, you may want to avoid it during the monsoon. Food sold on the street is frequently exposed to a variety of germs and diseases.   Provide protection for your technology. 

Make sure to bring a waterproof bag when packing for a monsoon vacation. Make sure your electronics and gadgets are well-protected. Wrap your phones, MacBooks, iPads, and other valuables in plastic wrap or zip-lock bags.


When it rains heavily, the roads become slick. So make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for the weather. Keep all of your fancy, expensive leather shoes dry at home because there’s a good chance they’ll get ruined in the rain. Your best options are floaters and sandals.