Career Advancement Steps To Take This July

Say ‘no.’ 

If you want to advance in your career, you must learn to say no to almost everything (and everyone) that does not excite you, speak to your values, advance your life mission, or assist you in achieving your objectives. Remember, you can say yes to those who serve you when you say no to the things and people who no longer serve you.  

Say ‘Yes’

Saying yes to new challenges and opportunities, inviting collaboration, empowering and affirming others, and creating an environment where it’s safe to try, fail, learn, and innovate can be beneficial to your career.     

Brush up on your soft skills. 

They are rooted in emotional intelligence, business leaders swear by them, and they are in high demand. I’m referring to soft skills, which are frequently misunderstood and undervalued abilities that drive professional success. 

LinkedIn released its annual Global Talent Trends 2019 report earlier this year, which examines the four major trends driving the workplace’s future. Who’s on top of the list? Soft abilities.   

Master the art of time management. 

It’s critical that you have the ability to prioritize and concentrate on work projects. How and with whom you spend your time, as well as your productivity while doing so, demonstrates your dedication and focus on what—and who—matters most to you. You’ll learn to say no, do, decide, delegate, or delete tasks once you’ve mastered time management. It is an important skill.          

Increase your self-awareness. 

Most people associate self-awareness with knowing oneself. Leaders who are self-aware are aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. They are open and honest about what they want, their abilities, and what they value most. They also have a clear understanding of what distinguishes them, allowing them to maximize their impact in the environment that best suits them. On the other hand, they recognize and understand their blind spots and areas for improvement.   

Change your perspective

The lens through which you view yourself, your career, and the world is your perspective. It has an impact on the story you tell yourself and others. It has an effect on your potential.     

Stop hiding and get over your fear. 

Fear is a strong feeling. It often hides behind a veil of protection, preventing us from doing things that could harm us. But, on occasion, the real harm is caused by the inaction that fear allows. 

We avoid things that make us uncomfortable at all costs, but there is no growth in the status quo. Eventually, the caution and fears that keep you from being hurt or put on the spot will stifle you. 

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear; now is the time to stop hiding and take action.