October 31, 20224

Best fruits for a diabetic to eat

As you have read our earlier part, let’s not waste any more time and get right into it! Blasty Berries! You are welcome to indulge, whether you enjoy blueberries, strawberries, or any other kind of berry. Berries are a diabetes superfood, according to the ADA, because they are loaded with fibre and antioxidants. According to

October 27, 20220

How to manage anger in the best possible way?

  Anger is a normal emotion that can be helpful in solving challenges or problems, whether they arise at work or at home.  However, if anger results in hostility, outbursts, or even violent altercations, it can become a problem. Controlling your anger is crucial for preventing you from saying or doing something you could later regret.

May 9, 20220

What is Adrenaline?

When your body is exposed to a lot of stress from your surroundings, adrenaline is released. This release allows you to concentrate on the situation at hand. The stress hormone epinephrine is also known as adrenaline. As your body and mind prepare for an event, an adrenaline rush can seem like anxiety, uneasiness, or pure

April 11, 20220

Techniques for relieving stress and anxiety! 

  The body’s reaction to obstacles and expectations is referred to as stress. There are healthy methods to deal with stress, whether it be positive or bad.  What exactly is stress?  The body’s response to a challenge or demand is stress. Everyone is subject to stress, which can be brought on by a variety of

January 26, 20220

Why taking cold showers is good for your health?

  Showers with water temperatures below 70°F are known as cold showers. They could be beneficial to your health. For ages, water therapy (also known as hydrotherapy) has been utilized to take advantage of our bodies natural ability to adapt to harsher environments. Our bodies grow more stress-tolerant as a result.  Although cold showers are

December 28, 20211

Diet Myth buster in action! 

  There is a lot of false information floating around in the weight loss market, and many people who are new to this platform and looking for strategies to lose weight have been duped by it. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about this sector.  Myth #1: Carbohydrates should be

December 20, 202123

Ayurveda Herbs for better health…

  Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical system. It attempts to maintain health and wellness by balancing the mind, body, and spirit and preventing rather than curing disease.  It does so by combining nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes in a holistic way.  Ayurvedic herbs and spices play a key role in this method. They’re supposed

December 16, 20211

What are the 10 best things to do for a peaceful mind?

Do your mind race and you find yourself anxious all the time? A troubled mind is a source of great discomfort.  The good news is that you can relax your thoughts by doing simple things.  If you wish to develop inner peace and tranquility, try these easy but effective methods: 1. Listen to music  Relaxing

November 24, 20210

Benefits of Yoga You didn’t know! 

Yoga is a multifaceted ancient practice that encompasses far more than being able to touch your toes or splits. Yoga is for EVERYBODY and is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to look a certain way or be a certain person to do it.   IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT STRENGTHENING YOUR BODY.  While yoga does

November 21, 20210

Fruit consumption in excess can be harmful to these organs….

Fruits are a good source of water and nutrients, and they are also part of a healthy and balanced diet. Fruits contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and they are also a good source of fibre. Some of the fruits can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and even help you lose weight. Excessive

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