According to science, THIS is the optimum time of day to wash your face.

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Not immediately before bedtime is the greatest time to cleanse your face!

Whether you wear makeup or not, washing your face every evening is essential (as well as every morning). That manner, not only will your skin remain healthy, but it will also age more slowly. That is why, before going to bed, we always wash our faces thoroughly. However, it appears that this is now too late.

You most likely also wash your face later than necessary.


By cleaning your face when the sun sets, you help to keep the circadian rhythm in check. According to researchers at the Center for Genomic Regulation, this can be quite good to your skin. It ensures that your skin is better protected from external injury and also helps to slow down the ageing process.

Natural tempo

We should be cleansing our faces far sooner than just before going to bed. So, when is the appropriate time? It is determined by the season. That may sound strange, but it makes perfect sense: you should wash your face when the sun sets. That’s because your skin cells, like the rest of your body, follow a circadian rhythm, or internal clock. As soon as the sun sets, your skin’s repair systems kick into gear. Your skin begins to produce new skin cells from that point forward.

Night cream

When you cleanse your face early in the evening, your night cream will perform much better. Because there is more time between washing and using the night cream, your skin will not have to spend the entire night recovering from pollution and UV radiation. Your night cream will have a chance to work its magic.

Hope it helps!