6 inexpensive methods to maintain warmness in winter

We offer some inexpensive suggestions for staying warm and safe this winter when energy costs are higher than ever.
The best approach to stay warm in the winter is to dress in multiple layers as opposed to just one heavy piece of clothing. Base layers that effectively trap heat are long sleeve tops or thermal vests, both of which are reasonably priced. Watch out for garments made of wool, cotton, or a fuzzy material.

Try to seal off any particularly draughty locations in your house, such as the spaces around window frames, keyholes, and beneath doors.

Keep your curtains drawn before it gets dark to prevent losing heat while keeping them open during the day to let in light and warmth.
If you can, try to maintain a temperature of at least 18°C in the room where you spend the most of your time, such as your living room or bedroom. Keep in mind to close doors to trap heat in certain areas and turn off the radiators in corridors and rooms that aren’t being used.

Only heat the rooms of the house that you actually use. For instance, you might decide to put on the heater in your bedroom right before you go to sleep.

Your immune system can function properly during the winter by eating a healthy, balanced diet that contains at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables each day. Keep yourself warm by regularly consuming hot beverages and meals like porridge, soups, and stews.

Keep in mind that frozen or canned fruit and vegetables (provided there isn’t extra salt or sugar) might be more economical if they aren’t in season during the winter and are just as healthy as fresh.

Using a slow cooker, microwave, or air fryer instead of baking a meal in the oven could help you save money on your energy bill.

Try to be as active as you can to improve your circulation. Avoid sitting stationary for extended periods of time and move around at least once each hour. Simple physical activity can help you stay warm. Put your feet up when you do sit down because the ground is the coldest place to be.

Hope it helps!