What is a sustainable brand?

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What does a sustainable brand look like?

A balance between the financial, human, and environmental aspects of sustainability. It involves acting with honesty, accountability, and charity while upholding your ideals. Because no person or organisation is an island and everything is interrelated, it’s about being a part of a community that engages in conversation, dialogue, and action.

As businesses, environmentalists, and others use the term “sustainable” to refer just to environmental concerns, the communications industry has been struggling to uphold the purity of this idea. However, focusing on the environmental aspect is a smart place to start, as I’ve learned in my work branding sustainable businesses.

It is possible.

As more businesses become aware of the connections between social and environmental sustainability, they are including social issues in their initiatives. Slowly, brands have come to the conclusion that tackling the problem from only one angle is pointless.

Today, more than 90% of CEOs claim that success depends on sustainability. How much focus businesses are giving to their sustainability plans is evidence of the current CEO’s mindset. Initiatives that promote sustainability include:

Creating environmentally friendly goods and services
establishing such positions Director of Sustainability
publishing reports on sustainability
Eighty-eight percent of students in business schools believe that social and environmental issues should be given top priority in company. Additionally, more newly formed businesses are centred on environmental preservation. This has sparked the growth of prospective firms with a focus on long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and recyclable goods.

Even if technology has the ability to drastically alter practically every area of life, it is useless without a strong human response. We can try to document the environmental harm we’ve done with photographs and videos, and we can publish reports about the enormous amount of plastic in our oceans, but without addressing the issue’s emotional heart, no change will be accomplished.

Helping business owners connect with these challenges is difficult, especially if they don’t perceive any benefits from investing in sustainability. Before a company as a whole to commit to sustainability, this obstacle must be removed.

Hope we help you live sustainability.