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Panchamrut is a sweet sacred mixture that is offered to the deity in practically every Hindu devotion. Following that, it is dispersed among the worshippers. Panchamrut’s ingredients used to be limited to only five sacred ingredients. Sugar, honey, milk, curd, and ghee were among the ingredients.

Saffron, basil, mint, coconut, banana, and dates are now common additions.

Panchamrut, also known as Panchamrutham or Panchamrut, is a Sanskrit term. It’s a combination of Panch, which means five, and Amrit, which means immortality nectar. It’s also a miraculous medicine that feeds the Sapta Dhatu — the seven physiological tissues that control your health. As a result, consuming Panchamrut on a regular basis will greatly help you. 

We have discussed the constituents of Panchamrut, and now we will discuss the advantages of this exquisite combination.

Here are some of the many health advantages of eating Panchamrut made with pure and desi ingredients: – 

1. Aids with acidity and weariness during the first trimester: – It helps with mood swings, gastrointestinal issues, hormonal changes, and more during pregnancy. So, for acidity and exhaustion during pregnancy, just adjust the Panchamrut recipe a little. 

2. Immunity booster – it’s a superfood that contains the benefits of five necessary & core elements, making it a great way to enhance immunity. Panchamrut energises the Sapt Dhatus, which are seven bodily tissues essential for boosting your immune system. It also boosts physical stamina.

3. Skin and hair nourishment – It effectively nourishes your skin and hair. All five Panchamrut components help to clear your skin and soften your hair. This regenerates skin cells, which reduces the effects of stress and environmental damage. As a result, it leaves behind bright skin. 

4. Beneficial for mental health: Panchamrut acts as a brain tonic. It enhances your concentration. Improves grasping ability and boosts mental health. It is known to improve intelligence, memory, grasping power, and creativity. 

5. Good for bones: – Consumption of Panchamrit forms Astadhatu, which aids in overcoming calcium insufficiency to a greater extent. Not only for bones but also for stronger teeth. 

6. Improves reproductive tissues: – Each panchamrit component feeds the Shukra Dhatu. These are in charge of enhancing the reproductive tissues in both males and females. 

Panchamrit – How to Make It – 

1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp curd, and 1 tsp honey 

2 tablespoons Pure Desi Cow Ghee 

5 tbsp A2 Desi Cow Milk 

All of the ingredients should be thoroughly combined and gently stirred. To have the best results, always drink fresh panchamrut. And don’t forget to use only Desi Cow Milk and Desi Ghee when creating Panchamrut to reap all of the above-mentioned benefits.

Happy Winters!