November 17, 20220

How to layer your clothes in winter?

There is no such thing as terrible weather, only improper clothing, according to an old Scandinavian proverb. Yes, it’s cold outside and hot cocoa is screaming your name, but if you know how to layer your clothing properly, you can survive some of the toughest winter weather. Dressing for mobility, dryness, and wind protection is

November 20, 20210

Health benefits of Panchamrut | The Winter Nectar

Panchamrut is a sweet sacred mixture that is offered to the deity in practically every Hindu devotion. Following that, it is dispersed among the worshippers. Panchamrut’s ingredients used to be limited to only five sacred ingredients. Sugar, honey, milk, curd, and ghee were among the ingredients. Saffron, basil, mint, coconut, banana, and dates are now

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