Can sleeping without a pillow help posture?

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Your spine should remain in a neutral position when using a pillow. They encourage proper posture by bringing your neck into alignment with the rest of your body.

The optimum kind of pillow for posture has therefore been the sole subject of research. No specific research has been done on how sleeping without a pillow affects the spine.

The pillow, however, might not be necessary for stomach sleepers.

The spine is positioned unnaturally when you sleep on your stomach, according to University of Rochester Medical Center. This is due to the fact that your centre is where you carry the most of your weight. Your neck and back are put under additional strain, which makes it difficult for your spine to maintain its normal curve.

You can maintain your head flat while sleeping without a pillow. Your neck may feel less strain as a result, and improved alignment may result.

But other sleeping positions are not covered by this. Sleeping without a pillow could be more detrimental than beneficial if you sleep on your back or side. The greatest way to keep your spine neutral is to utilise a pillow.

Can sleeping without a pillow alleviate neck pain?

Without a pillow while you sleep on your stomach, you may experience less neck ache.

Your head is rotated to the side when you are on your stomach. The back of your neck is also expanded. As a result, it is at an uncomfortable angle and hurts.

Using a pillow in this posture will simply make your neck’s unnatural angle worse. However, sleeping without one might lessen the uncomfortable position and ease the strain on the spine.

There isn’t enough research, despite this potential advantage. The best form of pillow for pain is the main topic of the majority of studies on pillows and neck discomfort. Before going pillowless if your neck suffers after sleeping, consult a doctor.

Is sleeping without a pillow good for your hair?

There are no established connections between using a pillow and healthy hair. As a result, nobody has looked at how sleeping without a pillow affects hair.

However, there has been some discussion over how the fabric of your sleeping surface may impact your hair. A cotton pillowcase is supposed to absorb your natural oils, which might cause your hair to become frizzy. It is said that silk is excellent for hair.

Otherwise, it’s unlikely that using a pillow will have an impact on your hair.


According to studies, pillows can squeeze the skin when you sleep, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach. This can cause sleep wrinkles and contribute to the development of outward indications of ageing over time.

Without a cushion, you can avoid having your face wrinkle up at sleep. However, sleeping on one’s side or back might potentially worsen spinal issues for those who do so.

Other strategies for minimising wrinkles include:

avoiding sun exposure

stopping smoking, if relevant

eating a healthful diet

moisturizing daily


Some people who sleep on their front may benefit from sleeping without a pillow. It can aid in maintaining the posture of the neck and spine while you sleep, reducing neck and back pain.

However, not everyone should do it. Without a pillow, those who sleep on their back or side may experience neck or back pain.

There is no proof that sleeping without a pillow may help with acne or people’s hair, although it may aid with wrinkle reduction.

Anyone who consistently has trouble sleeping should seek medical care.

Hope this helps!