Why do People love winters? | Reasons to love Winter..

Winter has arrived. Even if you aren’t surrounded by snow-capped mountains, winter has something magical to offer no matter where you are. We desire for warmth, love, and connection when the weather gets colder. The holidays bring enormous family dinners, boundless thankfulness, and the feeling that time is moving a little slower than usual.

You can sense the magic in the air when the first winter breeze blows through the trees. People appear to be a little nicer, and no one can argue with a little vacation time!

This winter, I urge you to be open and welcoming of new beginnings, to learn to love more, and to take time to cherish each and every moment. 

1) New beginnings come with the change of seasons. 

2) Layering all of your favourite clothing into one outfit 3) Cold weather 

4) Peppermint-spiced lattes, hot chocolate, and hot cider 

5) Snuggling up to a loved one 

6) Holiday celebrations 

7) Presents (As well as Presence!!) 

8) Spending time with family while preparing large dinners 

9) The aroma of a bonfire 

10) Christmas decorations 

S’mores with Irish Coffee (No. 11) 

12) Socks that are warm 

13) Holidays!! 

14) New Year’s Eve is approaching quickly. 

15) Reading a good book 

16) Embarrassing Christmas Sweaters 

17) Holiday Get-togethers 

18) Sweaters, scarves, and mittens 

19) Giving back 

20) Being grateful for what you have

One of the hardest aspects about winter is how chilly and dark it becomes very early. This is, however, the greatest time to stay inside, where it is warm and comfortable. You may unwind with a good book or a good movie, confident in the knowledge that the cold is on the other side of the window! 

The best kind of food is winter food! On a chilly evening, hot chocolate with cream, warm apple juice, or plentiful mugs of tea are essential. In the supermarkets, mince pies and other seasonal delicacies appear, begging to be served warm with cream. Winter veggies can be roasted or made into hearty soups, while winter fruits can be baked into delicious pies.

This may seem self-evident, but once winter arrives, you know Christmas is approaching, bringing with it a bounty of delectable foods, vivid decorations, heartwarming films and television specials, festive events and activities, merry music, and quality time spent with loved ones.

Happy winters!