10 Tips to Never Skip Your Workout

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Do exercise that you enjoy. 

This has to be at the top of the list because it is the surest way to avoid skipping a workout. If you force yourself to do something you despise on a regular basis, that’s a good reason to look for ways to avoid it. Consider how many different types of exercise are available! They are truly limitless. 

Some people enjoy going to the gym, while others do not. Consider what kind of physical activity you enjoy. Perhaps you enjoy the serenity of yoga or the exhilaration of spinning. Perhaps a team mentality motivates you to move, and joining a sports league is the answer. And who’s to say that going out dancing isn’t a form of exercise?   Find something you enjoy and make it a part of your weekly routine, whatever it is. Of course, don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new that you might enjoy.    

Find a workout partner. 

Going out with one or more friends for a jog, a walk, the gym, or a Zumba class is an excellent and effective motivator. You’ll feel compelled to do it because someone else is relying on you, but you’ll also relish the opportunity to socialize. You might want to make it a habit to go out for lunch or coffee afterward. 

Choose a friend who is slightly fitter than you because he or she will motivate you to work harder.    

Give yourself a treat. 

Your reward should ideally be something other than ice cream and cookies, such as a spa day, a new pair of shoes, or a weekend away. Having a reward system in place works, and you deserve some luxury after all of your hard work!   

Make a list of your objectives. 

We all experience a lack of motivation from time to time, and this alone can make it tempting to skip a workout. Writing down our health and fitness goals and posting them somewhere we can see them every day (or even multiple times) can provide the extra motivation you need to put on your sneakers.    

Be gentle with yourself. 

Last but not least, be gentle with yourself. Allow for life’s ups and downs, as well as changes in plans. Move on and get back to your workout if you need to skip it for one or two days. After a vacation or illness, people frequently fall into a rut of skipping workouts because they are frustrated with themselves and their lack of progress. Breathe through it, accept that nothing is under our control, and get back to your workouts as soon as possible.