Why Removing Makeup Before Sleeping Is Important?

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If you’re like most women, you’ll grab a makeup wipe and start wiping away. You undoubtedly feel like you’ve removed the majority — if not all — of your makeup after using a wet wipe.

That’s evidenced by the rainbow streaks on the wipe. 

What you may not realize is that using makeup wipes on a regular basis may be doing more damage than good to your skin. 

Of course, using a makeup wipe is preferable to sleeping with a full face of makeup on, but only by a little margin. If you’re making this makeup removal blunder, you’re probably making others as well. 

To help you keep your face clear and healthy, we’ve explored why you need to remove your makeup.  

Here are five of the most important reasons to remove your makeup at night: 

It can make your skin appear dull in the morning.

The same makeup that camouflaged small lines and wrinkles the night before can settle in overnight, leaving your skin looking dull and lifeless in the morning. It has the potential to make you appear older! 

It can make you more prone to outbreaks.

Your skin’s natural oil acts as a barrier to moisture loss, acting like a protective layer. If you add makeup to the mix and leave it on overnight, the two can combine to create a pore-clogging concoction that can lead to outbreaks.  It may work against any anti-aging products you use at night. If you have an anti-aging nighttime ritual, you may be hurting your own efforts if you apply the product over makeup instead of cleansing first. Because good anti-aging creams aren’t inexpensive, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by washing your face before applying them at night. 

It has the potential to clog your pores, causing them to become larger and more apparent.

Cosmetics can cement itself in pores overnight, blocking and expanding them, making them appear larger. The key to having healthy, happy skin in the morning is complete makeup removal and thorough evening cleansing.   It can dry your skin and cause an imbalance in your oil production. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it needs oxygen to function properly. Keeping it covered in makeup overnight can disrupt the delicate balance of oil and water that keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh and moisturized, leaving it appearing and feeling dry in the morning. 

Taking off your makeup is one thing, but washing your skin is quite another.

You can sometimes kill two birds with one stone, depending on the sort of cleanser you choose. However, don’t expect a cleanser to entirely remove your makeup.