What causes oily skin and how to get rid of oily acne prone skin?

The overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands causes oily skin. These glands are found beneath the surface of the skin. 

Sebum is a fat-based greasy material. Sebum isn’t all terrible; it protects and moisturises your skin, as well as keeps your hair lustrous and healthy. 

However, too much sebum can cause oily skin, which can lead to closed pores and acne. Sebum production can be boosted by genetics, hormonal changes, or even stress. 

Acne and oily skin are difficult to control. Home remedies, on the other hand, can often relieve problems without the use of prescription medications or costly skin care routines. Here are ten home cures for oily skin that you might try.

Wash your face first. 

Although it may seem obvious, many people with oily skin do not wash their faces on a daily basis. Wash your face twice a day if your skin is greasy, but don’t overdo it. Soaps and detergents with abrasive ingredients should be avoided. Instead, use a soft soap like glycerin soap. 

2. Paper blotting 

These thin, little papers won’t stop your sebaceous glands from overproducing oil, but they will help you blot excess oil from your face and reduce glossy, greasy skin. Blotting papers are inexpensive and readily available. Throughout the day, use as needed. 

3. Honey Honey is regarded as one of nature’s most effective skin treatments. It may help oily and acne-prone skin because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

4. Make-up clay 

Cosmetic clays, also known as healing clays, are used to absorb excess oil from the skin and cure a variety of skin disorders. Because of its high absorbency, French green clay is a popular therapy for oily skin and acne. French green clay is available as a powder. 

5. Rolled oats 

Oatmeal soothes irritated skin while also absorbing excess oil. It also aids in the exfoliation of dead skin. Oatmeal is frequently ground when used in facial masks. It goes well with yoghurt, honey, and mashed fruit like bananas, apples, or papaya. 

6. Aloe vera gel is a type of aloe vera that 

Aloe vera is used to treat burns and other skin problems. There is excellent scientific evidence that it helps treat flaky skin caused by greasy spots, according to the Mayo Clinic. Aloe vera is widely used to cure a variety of ailments.

It’s difficult to avoid oily skin when it’s caused by heredity or hormones. It may be beneficial to use consistent skin care and avoid unhealthy diets such as fried foods, sugary foods, and processed foods. 

It’s easy to hide the effects of oily skin with heavy makeup, but this might exacerbate the problem. Reduce the amount of makeup you apply, especially foundation, when your skin becomes greasy. Instead of oil-based products, opt for water-based ones. Look for noncomedogenic products that are less prone to block pores. 

Many people swear that home cures for oily skin are effective. The majority of cures haven’t been well explored. The effectiveness of a home remedy is determined by a variety of factors, including your unique condition and the quality of the products you employ.