May 27, 20220

Why hair conditioning is important?

Conditioners are something we’ve all been taught to use, despite the extra five minutes it takes in the shower. The majority of us have included it in our hair-washing procedures. But have you ever considered why a conditioner is necessary? What exactly does it do to your hair? Is it also worthwhile to invest? Here’s

May 10, 20220

Secrets to be happier in life!

Some people appear to strive each day to find happiness or a pleasant way of life, but others seem to go through each day with vigour. Have you ever considered what kind of person you are? Or how about those in your immediate vicinity? It’s beneficial to be surrounded by folks who know how to

April 22, 20220

Can the Weather Have an Impact on Your Mood? 

  While a change in weather can be refreshing at times — and even necessary in some situations, such as rain during a drought — it can also be aggravating.  When unfavourable weather persists (and persists), it can hamper outdoor plans, make transportation a nightmare, and, frankly, feel like it’s affecting your general mood.  Of

January 13, 20220

Top Harmful Side Effects of Using Cosmetics

  Most women consider makeup to be a necessity, and many believe they cannot leave the house without at least five different types of cosmetics. The cosmetics industry has grown to the point that not only are there cosmetics for every body area, but there are also cosmetics for different seasons! However, before makeup is

July 11, 20210

How To Manage Shading Your Plants In The Garden

It’s best to provide afternoon shade for many vegetables in the garden if you live in a climate where the summer sun is intense, especially in India. Adding shade to your garden is similar to covering your plants with “sunscreen.” Do you want to know how to make shade in your garden? Here are some

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