Reasons why you should moisturise your skin

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Moisturizing your skin can feel like an extra job on top of everything else you have to do in the morning, so why do it? Moisturizing not only feels good, but it can also help maintain your skin clear, smooth, and wrinkle-free in the future. Take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should moisturise your skin if you’re still not convinced. 

Moisturizing helps to prevent skin issues. Maintaining your skin’s balance can be as simple as using the correct moisturiser. Many common skin disorders, such as acne, appear when skin is excessively dry or too greasy. If your skin is greasy, search for lotions rather than creams, and attempt to find a moisturiser that has an exfoliator.

If your skin is prone to dryness, seek for a cream with a greater oil content. 

Other blemishes can be diminished by moisturising. Skin that has been freshly moisturised has a healthy sheen to it, which can help to conceal any existing imperfections. Some moisturisers contain a tint or self-tanner that can be used on the skin of any colour. 

Moisturizing your skin keeps it looking fresh. Your skin’s most sensitive parts, such as your face, ears, neck, and chest, replace themselves more frequently than any other part of your body. This regular loss of skin cells exposes these places to dryness and the weather, making them the most prone to skin cancer.

Moisturizing your sensitive skin might give it the boost it needs to heal and stay healthy. 

Moisturizing helps to prevent wrinkles. It’s not an optical illusion when your face feels full and firm after moisturising. People with properly moisturised skin generate wrinkles at a fraction of the pace of individuals with dry skin, according to the British Journal of Dermatology.

It’s the ideal way to end a hot shower. Let’s face it: a hot shower feels wonderful and refreshing, but it also dries out your skin. Using a moisturiser for only a minute will ensure that your skin is not only clean, but also protected from the stresses of the day and feeling amazing. 

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