New Year, New Beginnings! 


So there you have it. The year 2022 begins on January 4th. It’s finally that time. A new year is approaching on time – once again. This is the time of year when many of us begin to make resolutions to improve one or more aspects of our life. Perhaps we need to lose a few pounds. We might be determined to stop engaging in a certain detrimental practice.

Simple aspirations to supposedly full-proof plans for major life changes are all part of the New Year’s resolutions. What we all have in common is the desire that things will change in the coming year, and that life will be different (and better).

Every year, people begin the New Year with the intention of changing their lives in some way. However, just a few weeks later, many of these same well-wishers are disappointed, ashamed, and remorseful over their failed attempts to keep their resolutions.

What are the chances? Someone may be trying to “break the habit” for the second, third, fourth, or fifteenth time. Why would they want to try again after so many failed attempts?

This year, this month, today, and even right now, he is full of hope for a better future. We don’t have to clench our teeth any longer. Whatever “it” is for you, you, too, can turn away from it and place it in the capable hands of the ultimate Life-Changer. 

When we want to make a change, we might look to the best example.

Consider each day as the start of a new, better, and happier existence. Every day of the year should begin with feelings of joy and the expectation of great and amazing things to come. 

Every day of the year should begin with a grin, optimism, and expectations, regardless of your circumstances. You are not deceiving yourself; if you maintain this mentality, you will become a more optimistic and cheerful person.

Happy New Year to all!