What Can Your Sleeping Position Tell You About Your Health and Personality? 

Once again, it’s that time of day — or night. You turn off the lights, pull back your blankets, and crawl into bed once your bedtime routine is complete. How do you get comfortable under the sheets? 

It’s possible that your sleeping position has become completely automatic at this point. If you’ve been in the same bed position since childhood, you might not notice it every night. 

Whether you change over to one side right after falling back onto your pillows or spend some time alternating between poses to get a little more comfortable, your favourite sleep posture can reveal crucial health information.

The foetal position is the most prevalent among people, especially women. Shyness and sensitivity are associated with this position. 

People who sleep on one side with their arms outstretched are likely to be friendly but suspicious. They also have a strong tendency to stick to their decisions. 

A friendly personality and a dislike of criticism are associated to stomach sleeping with hands up or under the pillow. 

Because the study had some important limitations, it’s wise to take these findings with a grain of salt.

People who sleep in the log position (on one side with both arms down) think they receive enough sleep and are “healthier” than those who sleep in other configurations. 

People with a master degree or above are more likely than those with less education to favour the foetal position. 

Generation X and millennials are more likely than baby boomers to choose stomach sleeping. On the other hand, baby boomers are more prone to sleep on one side with their arms spread. 

People who are more introverted are less likely to sleep on their stomachs with their arms outstretched.

Once again, surveys aren’t the same as controlled trials and other scientific studies, and other sleep experts aren’t certain that sleep and personality are linked.

Last but not least 

While there may be some correlations between sleep position and health, your favourite sleeping position is unlikely to be related to your personality. 

If the quality of your sleep leaves something to be desired, experimenting with a new sleeping position may be beneficial. A sleep specialist can provide additional advice and recommendations depending on your specific sleep requirements. 

Are you getting enough rest? You probably don’t have to be concerned about how you sleep. After all, the optimal sleeping position is one that allows you to obtain the rest you require.