Astringent for Skin Care – How does it work?

If you are one of the many people who have been chasing that elusive, radiant, and blemish-free skin, at times, it may feel like a never-ending journey down the rabbit hole. We go through hundreds and hundreds of cleansers, moisturizers, and serums looking to find the fixing that will help us get rid of oily skin forever and make the size of our pores invisible. But so many shelves, attractively stocked with skincare products, can cause being overloaded with the variety of variants. In the process of this struggle, the toners and astringents just became potential candidates. However, before rushing to introduce another piece of our already overloaded skincare ritual in our lives, we must first understand what astringents are and how they work. Shall we, today, take a look at the realm of astringents, to find out how they work with the skin, and test if Indrani Astringent delivers what it promises?

An astringent is an essential part of skin care routine which has been around for a while and with good reason. Customization combined with feasible solutions for oily skin is one of the key benefits of these products. But a new trend of skincare and a powerful necessity to use the light and gentle skincare set the ground for a question how astringents could be used nowadays.

Understanding Astringents

Astringents are water-based solutions with hydrating component without a fragrance that aims to refine open pores, clearing excess oil, and leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated. They achieve this effect primarily through two mechanisms:

  • Protein Precipitation: As astringent agents, witch hazel and alcohol are the ingredients of a bunch of commercial agents that treat surface skin diseases. The muscle tightens are the agents in wrinkle creams which roll up the surface proteins on the skin, causing them to contract and tighten. For a short term the difference in size of pores and the reduction of oils on the surface provide a materializing effect.
  • Exfoliation: By adding some astringents in their ingredients, brands create essential skin cleansing agents; they promote the removal of dead cells, sebum, dust particles, and bacterial build-up that may be present on the skin. This will also lead to skins with less noticeable wrinkles and small irregularities that can be found on faces after various years of exposure to sunlight.

Indrani Astringent

Indrani Astringent advertises effectively of preventing the tissue with space and clearing excess oil to make the skin to the breath. Let’s analyse its claims and potential benefits:

  • Minimizing Pores: On the contrary, astringents would tighten the pores only for some time, so it is essential to keep in mind that pores are not like muscles. Transient (issued till the end of the day when our pores back to the normal size). Genetically-caused, sun damage-related and skin type pores can remain larger.
  • Controlling Excess Oil: As Astringent Oil of Indrani has the potential to regulate oil secretion, it would be a helpful natural remedy for oily skin. On the one hand, concentrating on the role of astringents in achieving a flawless skin can interfere with good circulation and an imbalance in the natural production of oil from the skin, resulting in dryness and irritation.
  • Refreshing the Skin: The astringent effects for the meantime might give a pleasant and soothing feeling to your skin.

Potential Drawbacks of Astringents

While astringents offer some benefits, they also come with potential drawbacks:

  • Disruption of Skin Barrier: Long term use of astringents (in particular those with harsh alcohols) opens the possibility of removing sebum as well as of weakening the barrier function of the skin. This consequently can lead to feelings of dryness, irritation, and even oil production increased (which is the skin’s defence mechanisms to get back balance).
  • Sensitivity Issues: Astringency aids in sweeping away dirt and grim from the skin but the irritation that goes along with it can be a bother to those with sensitive skin. Any time someone comes up with new product it’s prudent to obtain a patch test on the skin before use.

Who Can Benefit Most from Astringents?

Astringent can be a great solution for those with oily or combination skin types, especially for those who constantly deal with the excess shine. However, moderation is key. Here’s how to incorporate it into your routine:

  • Apply sparingly: Apply a few drops on a cotton pad after cleanse and gently swipe your face with it, especially on the sensitive areas such as eyes.
  • Moisturize: Astringents might cause your skin to dry, so moisturize it by putting on a lightweight, oil-free lotion.
  • Patch test: Firstly, try Indrani Astringent on your inner arm skin as this gives the idea of the product reaction to your skin.
  • Listen to your skin: Dryness, redness, or discomfort will be the indication if you have to stop using this product and seek medical advice from a dermatologist.

A Holistic Approach to Pore Minimization

The fact is that astringents can simply give a make-shift solution, but the first and foremost thing we should do is not the long-term management of the pores. Here are some additional tips:

  • Cleansing: Cleansing your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser that is ideal for the particular type of your skin is commendable.
  • Exfoliation: Scrub your face for dead skin cells, and as they will clog pores, exfoliate it only twice a week. Alternatively, prefer mild chemical exfoliators AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) that are soft on the face instead of harsh scrubs.
  • Diet and lifestyle: Control stress, have enough sleep, and an intake of fruits, vegetables and whole meals rich in fiber. All these things will make responsive healthier skin and significantly reduce the appearance of irritated pores.


You may be a fan of astringents, especially if you have oily skin, but it should never be the absolute step that you take in your pore-minimizing skin care products. In addition, a supportive regimen that aligns with your special skin concerns is also an important aspect of getting and maintaining the well-balanced and clear skin.