When to wash your face?

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Most people believe that washing your face(opens in new tab) is such a simple activity that it can be completed even when you’re completely exhausted or just a little bit inebriated, which it can, of course, do. (If you’ve successfully cleansed your skin before bed(opens in new tab) to prevent the horror of waking up with last night’s mascara on, all the snaps for you.) But it turns out that washing your face involves much more than just soap and water.

Obviously, a simple “splash and scrub” won’t cut it. A few rules must be strictly followed in order for your cleaner to work effectively. additionally, there are circulating falsehoods that must be dispelled.

Misinformation may spread quickly, especially with the growth in cleanser inventions and the popularity of 15-step skincare regimens. In order to clear up any confusion regarding cleanliness and to provide instructions on how to properly carry out this crucial stage in your regimen, we spoke with some of the leading dermatologists. Continue reading to learn the new guidelines for looking your best.

To remove tough sunscreen and makeup, use a cleaning oil, an emollient wipe, or an oil-based cream. After that, use clean, damp washcloths or your fingers to apply a dime-sized amount of cleanser (search for the ingredients cocamidopropyl betaine or caprylic triglyceride, which are sulfate-free surfactants).

Use a mild cleanser like Cetaphil(opens in new tab) in the morning, then at night, double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser before finishing with a more vigorous exfoliating wash.

Use common sense when following the guidelines: wash your face after working out to avoid breakouts, and wash skin that is too greasy in the morning and evening. Be sure to just cleanse once per day in the evening if you have really dry or sensitive skin. Avoid over-washing your skin as this can seriously strip it of its natural lipids and oils, which can irritate it.

No matter what type of skin you have, check the contents list to make sure there aren’t any irritating additives like scent, parabens, or harsh soap.