June 29, 20220

Use of Essential oils in Monsoon

These monsoon months, your closest companions! The body is vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses as the humid weather sets in. Let’s examine how utilising these essential oils will help you stay healthy throughout the monsoon. Caucasian oil This oil contains 72% eucalyptol, which relieves congestion. Both coughing and breathing are made easier. Due

June 29, 20220

What are the benefits of the use of honey during Monsoon?

Since the dawn of time, people have known honey, sometimes known as “liquid gold.” Honey was once regarded as one of the main components in Ayurvedic medicine due to the many health advantages that come with it.  Recently, it has also been suggested in some contemporary drugs. Honey is regarded as a necessary element, particularly

June 27, 20220

Adult ADHD Management Techniques 

  In all facets of your life, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can cause issues. But with these suggestions, you can manage your symptoms, hone your attention, and create calm out of chaos.  Adult ADHD Treatment: Strategies  The pressures of keeping up with job, family, and social obligations can seem overwhelming if you have attention deficit

June 27, 20222

What are the benefits of wearing a Pushup Bra?

Do you believe the only benefit of a push-up bra is to accentuate cleavage? Think again. Push-ups are astonishingly effective at elevating and shaping all breasts, even larger ones, to provide a better-fitting and more comfortable everyday foundation under clothing. It’s true that they’re designed to position breasts closer together for a fuller look.  How

June 23, 20220

5 Special Advantages of Vitamin E 

Although vitamin E is sometimes regarded as a single substance, it is actually a collection of eight fat-soluble substances with potent antioxidant properties.  The nutritional needs of people are best met by alpha-tocopherol out of these eight chemical types.  Some foods, such as seeds, nuts, some vegetables, and some fortified goods, naturally contain vitamin E.

June 23, 20221

Why to sleep on a silk pillow?

Given that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense that we would want to make the most of the time we spend in bed by providing the most idyllic sleeping environment. While there are many suggestions for extending the benefits of your eight hours of sleep, using a silk pillow

June 22, 20221

This is what occurs an hour after consuming a soda can. 

  On a steamy day, with a burger, or in place of coffee Although we love our soda, it doesn’t seem like we love the soda. This is why.  Even though an icy cold coke occasionally seems good, your body suffers from the sugar rush. The next time you need to rehydrate, you might want

June 20, 20220

Ayurvedic Water Drinking Tips You Didn’t Know!

Do you make it a point to drink eight glasses of water each day? If you haven’t yet, now is an excellent time to begin. While not drinking enough water has a number of negative consequences, it is also critical that we consider “how” this water is ingested. According to Ayurvedic principles, the manner you

June 16, 20221

Why growing Tulsi Plant in your house is beneficial to you?

Growing Tulsi (Basil) at Your Home Has Many Health Benefits Besides its immense religious significance in Hindu families, this plant possesses the ability to strengthen body immunity, fighting bacterial and viral infections and other health benefits. Because of its medicinal and restorative capabilities, holy basil, also known as Tulsi, is renowned as the Queen of

June 15, 20222

Why is mind your greatest enemy if not trained well.

We’ve all had those moments of self-loathing and unending frustration caused by our own actions. We also appear to encounter a brick wall now and again, questioning the path we’re on and possibly experiencing a quarter-life or middle-life crisis. It’s not completely unfathomable.  Our inner devil is responsible for indecision, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and

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