June 27, 20211

Indrani Cosmetics Saffron Gel for Flawless Skin

Saffron is a vibrant red spice derived from the saffron crocus plant (Crocus sativus).  It’s made from the dried stigmas of the flower (the tops of the female part).  It is thought that the plant originated in Greece. It is now grown in a variety of countries, including Iran, Spain, and China.  Saffron has traditionally

June 26, 20210

Indrani Anti Tan Pack

Tanning, whether done outside or inside, can be hazardous. The “glow” of a tan, while often associated with good health, is the polar opposite of healthy; it’s evidence of DNA damage to your skin.  Tanning harms your skin cells and accelerates the aging process. Worst of all, tanning has been linked to the development of

June 23, 20210

Indrani Cosmetics Lavender Massage Oil

Just like pampering the skin and hair, taking some time off busy schedules to take care of the body can enhance overall health and wellness. A good body massage can make all the difference and help individuals feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and energetic.  It can relieve the effects of stress and anxiety on the body, treat

June 22, 20210

Life Lessons To Learn From Camping

There’s no denying it: we all and especially the kids adore camping. The wide-open spaces, fun activities, and new adventure opportunities around every corner are undeniably appealing.  However, camping is beneficial to children in other ways as well. The camping trip also teaches your child a number of important life lessons that they will remember

June 20, 20212

Simple Ways To Keep Away Oily Scalp

Worrying about oily scalp?  Itching and seborrheic dermatitis can be caused by an excessively greasy scalp.  It may even serve as a food source for the fungus that causes dandruff.  However, you do not want to remove all of your oil. Natural oils protect hair and are necessary for a healthy scalp and lustrous locks. 

June 19, 20210

Home Exercises For A Good Posture

Having a good posture is about more than looking good. It helps you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body. These can all lead to less muscle pain and more energy throughout the day. Proper posture also reduces stress on your muscles and ligaments, which can reduce your risk of injury. Improving your

June 17, 20210

Elements Of Menstrual Health And Hygiene

The term “menstrual health” has become more widely used in advocacy, programming, policy, and research, but it has lacked a clear, concise definition. As a rapidly expanding field of study and practice, a comprehensive definition is required to  (1) ensure that menstrual health is prioritized as a unified goal in global health, development, national policy,

June 16, 20210

Indrani Cosmetics Chocolate Facial Kit

Chocolates are something that we all have a thing for. Isn’t that the case? Chocolate is not only delicious to eat, but it is also good for your skin.  It keeps the skin soft and supple while also making it feel refreshed and fragrant.  That is why most women prefer chocolate-based skincare products, particularly those

June 14, 20213

PCOS and related issues

PCOS, also known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a common health problem caused by a hormonal imbalance in the female reproductive system.  The ovaries experience problems as a result of the hormonal imbalance.  Each month, as part of a healthy menstrual cycle, the ovaries produce an egg that is released. The egg may not

June 11, 20211

Myths And Realities Of Health Supplements

India, the world’s fastest-growing economy, has a population of over 1.25 billion people and is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2024, according to the United Nations.  With a growing population, India, as a developing country, faces challenges in ensuring that not only adequate food is available, but that it

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