June 30, 202051


Not gonna kid, but I really love brands\companies who come up with efficient skincare with minimal substances and moreover being natural in ethnicity. I came across such brand, Indrani Cosmetics, a few weeks back but surprisingly and unexpectedly I was blessed that they reached me out to test their products.

June 22, 2020

Indrani Cosmetics brand review

Sometimes our mental health reflects into our outer beauty”, isn’t it right? There are days when we find our oil-free soft skin and dandruff free silky hair, we start loving ourself a little bit extra. We smile in front of the mirror and feel confident in front of everyone. Just because our skin is more

June 22, 202067

Indrani Cosmetics – Proudly Indian

What we admire about this brand is that they have retained their roots of struggle that keeps them as individuals and as a business firmly grounded. Indrani Cosmetics logo reads ‘From the House of Rajasthan Beauty Products’ – when you read their brilliant entrepreneurial journey, you will understand its significance.

June 1, 2020136

Brand Review

I always look forward to spotting new Indie Brands and try their offerings so I was pretty kicked when I got an opportunity to try a

June 1, 202098

Beauty Boss

After going through a tough childhood, Beauty Boss, Dilip Gugle decided to develop his own cosmetics brand and be his own boss. He researched…

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