What do colours tell about your personality?

First impressions are more crucial than ever in the competitive job market of today, where firms may interview dozens of candidates for a single vacancy.
People need to be aware of everything, including their body language as well as what they are wearing and how they are groomed.
Color is an essential—and frequently disregarded—factor in a person’s first impression. Unconsciously, the colour of your outfit conveys information about your personality to the other person.

The appropriate use of colour
The appropriate colours can assist you communicate your assurance, professionalism, and ability to blend in with the surroundings of a business. Here are some suggestions for picking the appropriate hues for your interview dress.

Solids are preferred to patterns.
Attempting to avoid being recognised for your clothing is a crucial rule of thumb; you want to wear something that enables the people to concentrate on your talents and qualifications rather than your eccentric fashion sense. Making sure your attire won’t be a distraction by wearing plain colours can assist.
Particularly plain black, dark grey, and blue suits and dresses look polished without being garish. Small patterns, such as thin pinstripes, are acceptable as well; the general rule is to choose a pattern that is small enough to appear solid from a distance.

Select neutrals over bright colours.
Again, you don’t want to be remembered for your clothing; nevertheless, if you choose to wear a particularly vivid suit or dress, you almost surely will be (rather than your job qualifications). The ideal colours for a job interview are those that are neutral like navy, grey, black, and brown. Another great option for a blouse or button-down shirt is white.
A pop of colour can definitely be added to a monochromatic interview dress. For vocations that involve interacting with people, like those in the service industry, pale colours are a fantastic way to add colour without coming across as very authoritative.
For instance, a woman’s dark grey suit can be gradually softened by wearing a pastel blue shirt underneath.
A pop of vivid, strong colour (such a crimson scarf or tie) exudes authority and is excellent for administrative roles. However, keep the amount of brightly coloured clothing to a minimum and avoid making it the main colour of your ensemble. Absolutely no orange suits!

We hope it helps!