What are hair dyes?

Customers who are thinking about changing the colour of their hair have a variety of colouring options. Their duration and hair coloration techniques set them apart. At least four fundamental product categories exist:

Application methods for temporary hair colours include rinses, gels, mousses, and sprays. These products only rest on the hair’s surface and are removed with the subsequent shampoo.

Unlike temporary colorings, semi-permanent colours permeate the hair shaft and do not wash out with water. Typically, semi-permanent dyes are available as liquids, gels, or aerosols.

Permanent dyes are more difficult to apply, but the colour lasts until the “roots” of new hair appear. Permanent colours hide grey hair more effectively because they contain hydrogen peroxide.

A hydrogen peroxide liquid and another liquid are combined, applied to the hair, and then rinsed off with water after about 30 minutes when using permanent colours.

Permanent dyes undergo a number of chemical reactions as they are applied, which cause them to not only penetrate the hair shaft deeply but also to become locked inside it. As a result, permanent dyes often cannot be removed with washing, though frequent shampooing over time may fade the colour.

In the form of a rinse, gradual or progressive dyes darken hair just a little bit by attaching to substances on the surface. Until a dark enough shade is reached, gradual dyes are often applied daily; after that, they may be used less frequently.

Hope it helps!