November 21, 20220

Personality traits of a person

People are who they are because of their own characteristics. Personality traits come in a variety of forms, some of which are favourable and some of which are negative. You’ll find what you’re searching for here, whether you’re trying to choose personality qualities for characters in novels you’re creating or you’re just trying to discover

June 15, 20222

Why is mind your greatest enemy if not trained well.

We’ve all had those moments of self-loathing and unending frustration caused by our own actions. We also appear to encounter a brick wall now and again, questioning the path we’re on and possibly experiencing a quarter-life or middle-life crisis. It’s not completely unfathomable.  Our inner devil is responsible for indecision, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and

December 16, 20211

What are the 10 best things to do for a peaceful mind?

Do your mind race and you find yourself anxious all the time? A troubled mind is a source of great discomfort.  The good news is that you can relax your thoughts by doing simple things.  If you wish to develop inner peace and tranquility, try these easy but effective methods: 1. Listen to music  Relaxing

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